Get your silk socks from either Ebay or silkyshop  you should only pay about 5 for a pair and you can get children's sizes easily. For your thermal socks, again Ebay is good or just go to any sports/ski shops, these will cost anything from about 3 a pair upwards. Ski tubes, I would not get these on line as you will need to check that they are not too tight so go to a sports/ski shop to get these, these are from about 7 a pair and up, these are usually worn when skiing / snowboarding, you may find the hire boots too tight if wearing ski tubes, if this is the case then just wear a silk pair and another pair like angora or merino wool socks. Trespass have opened up lots of stores recently, you can also check in Blacks and Millets, places like Marks and Spencer's also do some lovely angora wool socks for women and girls and they also do merino wool socks for men, all three should be within easy reach.

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