I reckon if you are a standard size then buying from Ebay or internet shops will be ok, if you are not a standard size then I do recommend that you go into a ski store and try the items on, you don't have to buy them, just find out the sizing/brand and see if you can get it cheaper on line, in most cases you will, some good online stores that cater for the larger size are love and piste  and outdoor mega store this one sells a brand called White Rock which go up to size 8XL.
If you are buying second hand (which I do recommend as you will save a fortune) then try to get items that have only been used a few times, if they don't say how much it has been used, ask, and also ask how often it has been washed, the less it has been washed the more waterproof it will be, if the item has not been washed then ask the seller not to wash it, do it yourself and do not add any conditioner to your wash, do a cool wash too.
For adults you should be able to get bottoms from about 10 upwards, you should be able to get new ones from about 15 upwards, men's are easier to get in the right size as they give the inside leg, ladies maybe more of a problem. Jackets are going to be about  20 upwards, try and get the arm length as some of you knuckle draggers out there may have a problem getting sleeves long enough.
C&A used to sell ski gear, they also sold a brand called Rodeo, I don't recommend you go for this brand as they are old and even though the item may not have been used much, technologies have changed so much that for the same price you will get a newer and better quality item.
Some good brands that you should be able to easily find are:

Trespass - probably your best bet

O'Neill - fashionable but on the small size so try before you buy

Animal - fashionable but on the small size so try before you buy

Quicksilver - fashionable but on the small size so try before you buy

Roxy -  fashionable but on the small size so try before you buy

Helly Hansen - can be found in most ski shops

5 seasons - functional but not that funky

Regatta - practical and been around for some time - bit middle-aged ;-)

Columbia - can be pricey and a bit bland

Killy - can be pricey and the colours can be a bit mad but a very well respected brand.

Quechua - cheap and do the job

Spyder - watch out for fakes and don't buy from the far East

For children you will have loads of choice, for the all in ones, get them to measure from the collar to the crutch and then the legs as often the all in ones are very big and a suit that says it's for a 2 year old would probably fit a 3 to 4 year old, so it's best to check the length out before you buy. You must also check that they are waterproof as some of the baby/toddler ones are not, they are more for cold weather in a buggy type of snowsuit rather than the rolling about in the snow type of snow suit.
You should be able to get second hand all in one ski suits from 5 upwards on Ebay, brands like Quechua tend to be cheap and they are fine too, other children's brands to look for are:

Poivre Blanc - this is a French brand, it's beautiful but the sizes are small so go for the next size up, I love this brand especially for girls

Trespass - good brand that you can get everywhere, reasonably priced

H&M - this is Hennes, the high street shop, they have some funky ski gear that you can pick up cheap, the sizes are generous

Dare2 be - good average price clothing made by Regatta

Killy - these can be expensive

Helly Hansen - sold in most ski shops

5 seasons - Swedish manufactures

Surfanic - these can be funky colours and you can often get them in TKMaxx

Protest - funky and do some great snowboarding outfits

Spyder - be careful if you are buying this brand as there are lots of fakes about, do not buy them from the Far East and also weigh up the cost of these against the amount of use you are going to get before your child grows out of it.

Then there is also Tescos, Next, Marks and Spencer's and Tchibo

You should also think about the colour, light colours may look good but they show the dirt far easier so it may be best to go for darker colours.


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