You can get these very easily on Ebay or in any sports shop, they are all similar but do come in different thickness. Search for 'micro fleece', 'polarfleece' or just look for 'mid layers' or 'fleece' in the ski section of Ebay, you don't need to spend much and you should be able to get them from 5 each for a top. Finding the fleece bottoms is going to be harder so you will need time, the children's are easier to find, adults are more of a problem and you may end up spending some money getting hold of these. Children's fleece sets come up for sale on Ebay often but usually only around ski seasons so don't start looking in the summer for them.Some good brands that are reasonably priced are: Cross, Trespass, Surfanic, Quechua, Helly Hansen etc. You could also try M&S, Tesco H&M, Tchibo and Next as they all do ski gear.

Just a reminder - you should get tops and bottoms for your mid layer.

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