I would always recommend that you try helmets on rather than buying them online and hoping they will fit, you  could waste your money but more importantly put yourself in danger. When shopping for helmets try to get ones that are multi impact, this will prolong the life of your helmet but do not be foolish to think if you take a big knock that your helmet is ok, it won't be, so chuck it out and get a new one.
There are not that many places you can get helmets from and shops such as Blacks, Millets, Trespass do not stock them, you need to go to specialist ski and snowboarding shops such as Snow and Rock etc, however places like TKMaxx often have them and they can be very cheap, they mainly  sell children's sizes. One place that I found which had a great array of them is Vans, you need to go to the discount stores rather than the high street stores as the prices are much cheaper, a good brand is Pro-tec they are funky, come in all different styles and colours, they also do an XXL size which is great if you have a big head and/or dreadlocks. You may find it a cheaper option to try on helmets as the specialist shops, get the name, style and size then see if you can get it cheaper online. You can also check out skate shops as they tend to stock helmets that can be used in snow etc.

When trying on the helmet make sure you try it on with your goggles, also make sure your helmet has the clip at the back to hold your goggles. Make sure your helmet it tight enough that it won't fall off, move forward of twist side to side, it also needs to come down on your head and not sit perched on the top of your head. It must also not be too tight as you still need air to circulate but also you may wear a balaclava underneath.

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