You really should go and try these on so you can ensure that you get the right size.
You can expect to pay about 10 a pair for some gloves, the more you spend the better the quality.
You can also get these ones that you blow into to heat your hands up but personally I think these are a gimmick and putting moisture into your gloves is not a good idea, especially if you take them off as the moisture may freeze.
For younger children I would always get mittens and put them on the strings so they don't loose them
As I recommend trying the gloves on you can go to the Trespass shop, Tchibo, Tesco and any ski shop such as Snow and Rock, Blacks etc
If you are snowboarding the you should wear wrist guards, you can either get mittens with wrist guards built in, but the problem with these is that the mittens are only useful when snowboarding, your best option is to get mittens that fit over your wrist guards, they will need to be bigger around the wrist area more than anywhere else.

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