These are moon boots, you can get them from Ebay from about 10 upwards. For little ones these can be big around the legs so you may be best getting ones that don't come so far up the leg. They are roomy inside so plenty of room for movement and socks, these do not have a great tread remember so if you are in icy places you may be slipping all over the place if you wear these.
These are the ones with the removable felt inner boot, makes like Sorel and Columbia, you can get them from Ebay, ski shops and places like snow and rock, they are about 40 a pair but you may be lucky as get them in a sale for half that price. If you get them from America/Canada remember that their sizes are different to ours. Also remember to get a size up as the inner felt bit can be tight. These generally keep feet warm is temps of -40
These are the lace up ones, they are thermal and keep feet warm in temps of -32, they are best suited for adults mainly because of the cost but also they take some time to break in, you also can't pop the heat pads in them. These ones are by North Face and cost about 75, you can get them from Ebay, snow and rock, Blacks etc

One great place to get boots is from a store in America, they are called Sierra Trading  they have some great stuff at excellent prices, however, be careful with their sizing as they are different from us over here but also you must be prepared for import tax which you could be charged by the Post Office when they deliver your items.

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